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By January 23, 2016 MCU

I can’t believe I have gone this far without mentioning one of my favorite comic book characters of all, Deadpool! I only discovered him fairly recently, but the Merc with a Mouth soon shot to the top of my graphic novel order list. My favorite author for Deadpool so far is Daniel Way. He seems to have the most direct line to my funny bone. Joe Kelly has been okay so far, and I haven’t read anyone else yet. And the movie? Forget about it! Could they have picked a more perfect actor for it? I’m not a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, but he did a great job in Blade III. From the previews, it looks spot on. He actually already has played Wade Wilson in the movies before (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but I don’t think they will connect the background to this movie. Who knows.

I like seeing Colossus in this trailer. I love that it ties to the X-Men universe. Continuous universes are fun. I like the “everything affects everything” feel they have going on. MCU has done it best. It sucks that we will never see X-Men mix with Avengers because of the different studios building the universes. DCCU looks like a total mess at this point. Looks like a hodge-podge they threw together because they were so far behind Marvel. Believe me, I really want it to be good, but it just doesn’t. Deadpool looks like it stays true to the character and story. The R rating shows they are committed to just that. DP can be raunchy at times.

This year should be a great year for superheroes, and Deadpool kicks it off right!

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Captain America Civil War

By January 16, 2016 MCU

I know I have bashed and have a very bad feeling regarding the DCCU right now, especially Batman V Superman. I’d like to switch focus to the MCU today. They are basically printing their own money. They are staying true to the mythos and story lines and having huge success. They are not reinventing the characters for a “new look” for new generations. No, they are sticking to their core story arcs that made them popular in the first place. I respect that much more than someone stepping in to make it “fresh” and just action packed. The plot must make sense as well.w We have all seen movies where things get blown up and people are running and shooting and somewhere in the middle of it all you ask yourself “what are they trying to do here?” Some people like that. I need more. Marvel has been delivering on this every film. Civil War looks like Avengers 2.5. I have attached the trailer below:

Just the opening scene in the trailer grabs you. Bucky/The Winter Soldier is remembering who he is – character development that has continued over 3 movies. That is how you create a cinematic universe! The main characters have origin stories, and the side kicks, or even future heroes develop more slowly until you realize how long they have been there and how they’ve creeped into the story line. Bringing back Colonel Ross was a great move. It finally ties another member from the Hulk movie back to the Avengers. I also like how they have Iron Man in these flicks. They all intermingle in the comics, why not in the movies? It’s a proven formula. But you have to be patient enough to work them together. You can’t just throw them all in a movie all at once with no background story. We are 8 years and 11 or so movies in here, so any crossovers are acceptable – and not just in after credit scenes.  Although I am a weirdo and want everyone to get along, so this premise bothers me, I do trust that it will all work in an overall “part of the plan”type ending.

Black Panther’s appearance and the real Spider-Man showing up will be sweet. It’s important not to overload the cast of characters with too many big hitters, and the MCU has balanced pretty well so far. Until they prove me wrong I’ll trust them.

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By January 3, 2016 Uncategorized

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By October 27, 2015 DCCU, Television, Uncategorized

Smallville-LogoI know it hasn’t been on the air for 5 years, but you can still buy and rent the DVD’s so I will review it. Simply one of the best superhero shows ever on TV. This show single-handedly revived my interest in comics. I didn’t eve catch on until season 6, but I caught a marathon on TV and decided to buy all seasons and catch up. It was definitely worth it. The writers of this show got it. Technically it is not about Superman, it’s about Clark Kent, but still…

No matter what the obstacle Clark faced and overcame, no matter how dark the villain, at the end you still had a feeling of hope. Martha Kent said it in one episode in season 6; “You are the symbol of hope this world needs.” Starting in freshman year in high school, and ending with his transition to the superhero we all know, we go through every step with Clark and understand why he thinks the way he does. He gets his values and his sense of right and wrong from Jonathan and Martha Kent. Strong values that are unshakable. I have talked to friends who watch this show and them and want to go out and act like Clark. They feel empowered. I wanted to act more like Mr Kent (being a father).

I’m not going to review season by season, but it’s genius how they show Clark and Lex starting off as best friends and evolving slowly into bitter rivals. It is just as much Lex’s journey as it is Clark’s. Lex is played expertly by Michael Rosenbaum. I don’t think anyone has ever played Lex better. Certainly not Jesse Eisenberg (at least not from the preview). First they develop the personalities and then they grow apart. When they are best friends, you can feel it. When they drift apart, you understand why. It’s not just something that happens because it has to. Great story telling. This show stayed true to the mythos and worked with the room that was left to make very interesting stories. Season 8 was kinda shaky for storyline, but I can forgive it.


All the casting and characters were top notch. Creating the Chloe character as a childhood Lois replacement worked very well. The addition of Tess in season 8 was questionable, and Davis wouldn’t have been my first choice either. Casting on the latter two I wasn’t thrilled with either. But those are rare misses compared to the excellent actors. It would be easier to name the bad ones. It would be easier to name the bad episodes. Every show has filler shows, but this one had only a few.

My overall review of the series is a 10 out of 10. This is a great starting point if you don’t know the DC Universe. It is a little frustrating that writers of Arrow diss this show when they get a chance. I don’t know if Arrow would exist if Smallville hadn’t crushed it. I understand why it’s not in the same universe, I mean it would have had to occur simultaneously like the Flash is happening, but you gotta respect it. I have a few problems with those series, but this post is about Smallville. I’ll get into those later.

For casting for Man of Steel, Tom Welling was actually the second choice. At the time I though that was a bad idea, but after seeing that garbage I am glad he didn’t participate. They could have used Smallville as a springboard for the movie and started there. That would have been genius marketing wise. Everything Marvel puts out is in the same universe. Even if you miss something, though, you are not lost. Warner Brothers could have done this here. This could have increased the sales of Smallville DVDs and created a continuous universe. A missed opportunity in my eyes.

all in all Smallville is excellent.

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Batman V Superman

By October 22, 2015 DCCU, Uncategorized

I read a real interesting article today about the new Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie coming out next year. Here is a link:

Shocking Batman V Superman Idea

Now I was not a fan of Man of Steel at all. I’m also not a fan of Zack Snyder. David Goyer seems like a good writer, but he doesn’t know how to write this character. Christopher Nolan also does not seem to get the difference between Superman and Batman. Don’t get me wrong, the Batman Trilogy with Christian Bale was excellent. I actually thought Batman Begins was the best of the bunch and The Dark Knight Rises being the least…good. But they were all good. Man Of Steel was terrible. It glossed over many important parts of the mythos. (Spoiler alert) Killing Zod was entirely out of character for the most popular comic book superhero of all time. Changing the way Jonathan Kent died, destroying a city and killing thousands of people, with very little character development, and Lois Lane knowing too much right out of the gate. This was almost a direct adaptation from Superman Earth One, Book 1.

Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel

My friends, who like to think of themselves as Superman fans, even liked it. Well, most of them. The reason? It had more action than Superman Returns. Is that all it takes? Mindless action? I think I would expect more from comic book fans. Some plots develop over months of issues. Some years! Maybe I’m jaded because I liked Smallville so much. I don’t know. All I’m saying is they tried to tell the Batman Begins story as Clark Kent. Superman’s Story is not a dark story. The reason he is so popular and has been for so long is that he bring us hope. Smallville got that. Nolan did not. There was no hope and the whole movie was shrouded under a dark cloud and ominous feeling.

Dawn of Justice seems overloaded already with some horrible castings, the worst of which is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. The preview with him in it almost made me sick. Lex Luthor is not some pansy who says “the red capes are coming” like someone with a foreign object stuck up his backside. No he is a formidable foe for any hero in the DC universe. I liked Eisenberg is The Social Network and Zombieland, so it’s not about him. He just does not fit the role. Gal Gadot is short, but somehow she’s the Amazon Wonder Woman? Oh yeah, they are probably changing her time tested origin story as well. Putting too main characters into a movie is devastating. There will be no time to dive into each character and make you care about them. Isn’t that what makes a character/movie endure? Aquaman, Batgirl, Doomsday… it’s too much. What is it going to be a 4 hour movie?

With all that being said, from reading that article today, I think the dude wrote the article should be writing movies. If he is right about all of what he suspects, then I may change my opinion about the plot, but they have a long way to go for character development. Marvel did not just jump into the Avengers. They had to build it up so everyone had a favorite and cared about each one of them in some way. Each one of their heroes had established their personality and set of values in the other movies. It was fun to see them all mingle. They have done it so well, now each one can appear in the others movie. Brilliance. I hope  DC can catch up, but I think they only way they can is to start over…

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Comic Book Status Launch!

By October 20, 2015 Uncategorized


I am a comic book enthusiast. I loved them as a kid and love them as an adult. I love the movies and the graphic novels. On this page I will be reviewing and generally conversating over everything I read and hear and see regarding comics. DC and Marvel are of course the biggest, but there are others out there.I look forward to interacting with everyone and diving deep into the comic universe with all of you. See you soon.



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